About the Company

We have developed a specialised niche in the Australian market, drawing on our extensive technical expertise, depth of experience, and wide-ranging industry contacts. This formidable combination ensures we consistently achieve outstanding results at every stage of the project lifecycle - from project management and workforce planning, to onsite construction and maintenance.

Efficient manpower and project scheduling is our forte and our services can be accessed as either an alternative to labour hire or via a quotation-based package.

We offer detailed project planning capabilities, to reduce the time and cost of formwork design, supply and erection, as well as various alternatives for working in and over water, and a full range of lifting solutions for installation of all types of pre-cast beams and panels.

Our services

Management support & consultancy advice

  • Construction programming
  • Project structuring and systems
  • Labour requirements and staffing
  • Risk and opportunity

Technical Support

  • Framework design
  • Lifting and installation
  • Precast elements (Tee Roff beams, Precast planks and beams, Precast abutment panels and walls, parapets)
  • Precast elements including prestressed and post-tensioned

Operation & Construction

  • Supply of experienced staff
  • Engineers (earthworks and structures)
  • Supervisers (earthworks and structures)
  • Supply of formwork, reinforcement and stressing cables/strand
  • Contract pricing and full sub-contract execution and management

Project Experience

  • Bridges (in situ, launch, precast, steel and marine design)
  • Marine construction (wharves, dolphis, berths and pile caps)
  • Rail tunnels, foot bridges and decline structures
  • Piling (land and water, pile driving steel and precast)
  • Precast concrete elements (panels, walls, deck planks, noise walls and Tee Roff Beams

Phone: (08) 9248 7280

Email: admin@qcwa.com.au

Address: Unit 2/139 Mulgul Road Malaga 6090